{"faqpdf":["http:\/\/www.kwak-telecom.com\/fileadmin\/user_upload\/SMS_Kwak_-_F.A.Q..pdf"],"images":["http:\/\/www.kwak-telecom.com\/fileadmin\/user_upload\/kwak-sms-1.png","http:\/\/www.kwak-telecom.com\/fileadmin\/user_upload\/kwak-sms-2.png"],"content":[{"title":"What is a text message (SMS)?","text":"   SMS stands for Short Message Service, and is probably better known as a text message. An SMS (text message) is a short message, which can be sent to and from a mobile phone. <\/i>"},{"title":"Why Kwak SMS?","text":"   Kwak SMS have 10 years\u2019 experience in serving our Customers Globally with unbeatable quality of support. Our campaign setting approach to SMS which focuses on day-to-day customer campaign planning, service development and after sales support is the key to success of your SMS Project.<\/i>"},{"title":"What is the advantage of using text messaging?","text":"   Text messages are a brief, effective, inexpensive means of communication. Most people carry their mobile phones with them wherever they go, so unlike email, text messages can reach people when they are away from their desks.<\/i>"},{"title":"Can you guarantee delivery of every text message that I send?","text":"   No. As text messaging is a store-and-forward technology dependent on carriers and their networks, it is impossible to guarantee delivery of a text message.<\/i>"},{"title":"Which countries we cover?","text":"   Kwak SMS covers virtually all countries in the world.<\/i>"},{"title":"What is the cost of an SMS to other operators?","text":"   The cost of SMS varies from operator to another operator. \u201cFind out here\u201d (link to online General Pricelist) about SMS tariffs and view our complete pricing page. <\/i>"},{"title":"How many characters may I include in a text message?","text":"   A standard text message is limited to 160 characters for English and 70 characters for Unicode messages (Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic or Hindi). Characters means letters, numbers, spaces, symbols and punctuation. <\/i>"},{"title":"What is bulk SMS?","text":"   Bulk SMS is the facility to send text messages through the internet to mobile handsets. It is called bulk because it is purchased in large quantities from the mobile network operators, although it may be resold through online systems in smaller quantities.<\/i>"},{"title":"Are all bulk text messages the same quality?","text":"   Bulk SMS quality can vary in a number of ways. The main issues are speed of delivery, and facilities for dynamic sender ID and message receipts. Essentially all gateways that connect to mobile networks should be able to offer both fast delivery - just milliseconds to reach the operator - and sender ID and delivery receipts. Some low cost messages offer much slower connections and may not include receipts or sender IDs. These tend to be because they do not connect directly to the home network, but use some form of interworking agreement.<\/i>"},{"title":"How do I know if a message has been delivered?","text":"   Bulk SMS usually includes a delivery receipt. These confirm that a message has been delivered to a mobile handset, or if it has failed. Unfortunately, there is no global standard for Delivery Reports (DLR), and because of that various networks do not provide it as obligatory. <\/i>"},{"title":"Why do text messages fail?","text":"   There are a variety of reasons for messages to fail and fall into temporary or permanent categories. Temporary failures are where the SMS inbox is full or phone has been turned off or is out of range for a significant time. Usually around three days. Permanent SMS failure statuses include unknown subscribers, handsets blocked for SMS or network failures.<\/i>"},{"title":"Who pays for failed messages?","text":"   You, as the KWAK account holder, pay for failed messages, that is; messages that were not delivered to a contact in your database. The reasons for this is that The networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status. It is standard for global SMS market. <\/i>"},{"title":"How do I pay for SMS service?","text":"   SMS services are pre-pay only. We accept payment via Paypal and Bank transfer. Paypal option allows payment with your Debit or Credit Card as well. <\/i>"},{"title":"Do I get Money back if I do not want to use your services?","text":"   Your funds can be returned whenever you decide to stop using our SMS services, by sending mail to sms.billing@kwak-telecom.com<\/link>. Person who request funds back will bear all Bank transfer charges and fees. <\/i>"},{"title":"Can I send non-Latin characters by SMS?","text":"   SMS stands for Short Message Service, and is probably better known as a text message. An SMS (text message) is a short message, which can be sent to and from a mobile phone. <\/i>"},{"title":"What you should do next?","text":"    Contact our sales representative to help you build your first SMS campaign. <\/i>\r\nE-mail: sales@kwak-telecom.com<\/link> <\/i>"},{"title":"What Means INC. and DEC. buttons in Send Page?","text":"INC. Button is used to increase size of field where to enter recipients numbers or copy and paste list of numbers.<\/i>\r\n\r\nDEC. Button is to decrease size of field used to manually insert list of numbers.<\/i>"},{"title":"Which Mobile number format to use for sending SMS?","text":"Format of Mobile number should be following: CC (Country Code) + MN (Mobile Number); ie. for Cyprus recipient use 35799xxxxxx where 357 is Country code and 99xxxxxx is mobile number. Do not use +35799xxxxxx or 0035799xxxxxx<\/i>"}]}