Quite a few of our customers really do have problems getting paid in full and on time. That is not because we dillydally, it’s because sending money to Palestine really is a hassle.

Originally we had a good solution, cooperating with a Cyprus entrepreneur who was a mayor franchisee of various money transfer services. But with the bail-in in Cyprus and capital controls connected, this partner went out of business.

Finding a new solution was not easy. We needed a serious partner we could trust with our customers’ money. The transfer had to be reliable and fast – the money should arrive in Gaza on the same day.

We now work with AL Saed Bureau for exchange and money transfers. These people do a great job and are reliable.

If you need your payouts transferred to Gaza please contact

Mr. Saed Amer Moussa
Tel landline: 02141969
Mobile: 0599435365
Skype: amer.saed20
Address: Gaza, Rafah, sea street, west market, facing Center Al Gawth Agency.
For more details please contact us via skype: kwak-international
Or send email to: sales@kwak-telecom.com or mflaeh@kwak-telecom.com