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Business Development at KWAK - Manfred Fuerthauer

Manfred Fuerthauer

KWAK is going new ways and broadens its product and service portfolio. Therefore it seemed necessary to strengthen our team with a new member: Manfred Fuerthauer Manfred will take care of our product development strategy and project management and is assigned to develop a product portfolio which enables us to fulfill a broader range of needs of our customers.  Prior joining KWAK Manfred held several management positions in well known European corporations. He served as Chief Technical Officer of (one of the most successful e-commerce platforms in Europe), as Solution Architect of Kapsch Carrier Com (a leading Austrian company in the field of road pricing) and as Senior Consultant at Monday Consulting (a leading Consultancy in Hamburg, Germany).  Manfred hold a Masters Degree summa cum laude in Engineering of University of Applied Science St. Poelten, Austria.  Manfred is well known expert in his field and I am very proud that we were able convince him joining KWAK and to accept this highly challenging assignment.