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Factoring the Telecom Business

Telecom Factoring

Kwak Ventures main line of business lies in factoring a proportion of kwak Telecom’s turnover. By factoring this turnover kwak Telecom can so triple its revenue and Suppliers are quite happy to accept a discount for this service.

Read here how Factoring works

Investments in Telecom Projects


kwak Ventures also is instrumental in financing new ventures and projects within the kwak group. This allows us to react fast and decisive on any upcoming market opportunities. There are some exciting new projects in the pipeline.

Investments in Solar Energy and healthy Cyprus Companies

Solar Energy in Cyprus

Here we plan to invest in two different areas. First, Cyprus has an ongoing problem with electricity and mainly is powered by diesel generators. So we think about building some solar plants.

Second, Cyprus' economy is down and presents great possibilities to profit from distressed assets. We know the country and are well connected.

Read more details about our Cyprus plans


We have great plans for the future and are always looking for additional investors to share our success with. We offer various investment possibilities.

If you are interested, please contact us:
or phone: +35722022311