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  • kwak Telecom Ltd was founded, with the focus on providing Domestic Premium Rate Numbers (DPRN) for the European markets.


  • kwak expands its portfolio to International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) and achieves rapid success.


  • kwak Factoring is founded with the purpose to shorten the payout cycle to kwak's customers.
  • kwak widens its portfolio to more than 200 International Premium rate Number Ranges in more than 70 countries.


  • kwak Telecom Germany GmbH is founded and the DPRN business is outsourced to the German subsidiary.
  • kwak hits an 8 digit turnover for the first time


  • Paycomm900 Ltd. is founded with the goal to serve daily payout customers in emerging markets as South America and Africa.
  • kwak Telecom Germany hits a 7 digit annual turnover.



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