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Country: Denmark

Our Tariff Number Call Source Caller rate gross Gold Platin Diamond
Minute Call Minute Call Minute Call Minute Call
Setup Costs2400 DKK
Time to activate21 days
Time of Notice90 days
Monthly Costs960 DKK
Routing costs within EU0.02 EUR (VOIP forwarding free)
Payout time60 days after End of month (+/- 5 days)
Commentmax. connection time = 30 min;
first 5 sec are not paid;
Chat costs: 0.25 DKK/min, for all tariffs
Routing call Setup: 0,25 DKK
Landline Users2,062,000
Mobile Users7,406,000
Internet Users4,750,000
Exchange Rate1 Euro = 7.4314 DKK
The Kingdom of Denmark is located north of Germany is the only Scandinavian country not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula itself.  The mainland is a peninsula known as Jutland, and the surrounding islands of Funen, Zealand, Bornholm, and all the many smaller islands are also part of the country and make up what is commonly known as the Danish Archipelago.  Danish people enjoy expanded welfare, a comfortable standard of living, stable currency, and many advances in corporate industry and modern agriculture.

Denmark has a very restrictive Premium Rate Market.  TV-show calls are limited to one call per day.  Informative calls are available on a Pay-Per-Call or Pay-Per-Minute basis but higher tariffs are only available for licensed fund raising collections.  Premium Rate Numbers in Denmark are not available for Adult lines and the regulations for Premium Rates are very strict for any form of telephone entertainment.  We will continue to monitor the laws in Denmark relating to service numbers to provide you with additional information as a part of our value-added service.