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Josef Bruckschloegl, Chief Executive Officer, kwak Telecom Ltd., Paycomm900 Ltd.

Mr. Bruckschloegl studied Telecommunications and Media Economics at the University of Applied Science in St. Poelten, Austria and graduated summa cum laude in the year 2000.  At the age of 21 he was appointed Director of E-Commerce at Telekom Austria Group and established the online sales of telecom services as Europe’s pioneer in this field. In the following years Mr. Bruckschloegl held several management positions at Telekom Austria and Deutsche Post.

In 2009 Mr. Bruckschloegl joined kwak Telecom as Vice President Carrier Relations and was promoted Chief Operating Officer of the kwak Group and Managing Director of kwak Telecom Germany GmbH one year later.

Since 1st of January 2013 Mr. Bruckschloegl has been working as Chief Executive of kwak Telecom Ltd. Josef Bruckschloegl is member of the board of kwak Telecom Ltd., kwak Telecom Germany GmbH, Paycomm90 Ltd. and Yuubel Communications Ltd

Josef Bruckschloegl can be reached at



Gottfried Schrempf – Co-Founder and Chairman
Gottfried Schrempf studied mechanical engineering and operating technology. He spent several years in training and education in computer science followed by many years employment in specialist computer businesses. In 1996 he came in contact with telecommunications and since then this segment has become his passion. After working in the telecommunication business for many years he co-founded Kwak Telecom in 2004. Gottfried Schrempf is also the owner and director of Schrego Communications Ltd in UK and Schrego Communications GmbH in Austria. Schrego Communications GmbH is 50% shareholder of Kwak Telecom Ltd. and also 50% shareholder of Kwak Ventures Ltd.

Gottfried Schrempf can be reached at

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